Fun Bingo Facts to Know

bingo facts

Online bingo is now considered to be the best way you can spend time online. The statistics shows that more than 8% of the entire world population enjoys the game of bingo and there is no doubt that the mankind loves this game.

The reason why bingo is so popular is because it’s able to bring a lot of benefits to its players. Starting from the social benefit that you get thanks to the fact that you will get to interact with many other people, there are also other benefits such as: mental health benefits, great prizes and jackpots. It relieves stress and you get to find many other benefits.

Why Bingo?

Here are some of the most interesting fun facts about bingo:

  • 1. An American mathematics professor went insane right after he developed more than 6,000 number combinations for the game of bingo.
  • 2. Back in the year 1934 more than 10,000 bingo games were played per week. Now the US bingo players alone are playing bingo cards that are worth more than 90 million dollars.
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  • 3. Back in the past the name of the game was “Beano”, but it was changed when somebody called Bingo instead of Beano.
  • 4. The statistics are showing that around 20% of the bingo players are men, while the rest are women.
  • 5. Another interesting statistic is that more than 96% of the bingo players have already won a game of bingo and a prize in the past. This means that as a bingo player you will definitely going to be a winner.
  • 6. At the beginning the Germans used a game which was very similar to Bingo in order to teach kids history and to learn the numbers.
  • 7. Winning is not the main motivation that online bingo has to offer to its players. Some of the main reasons why people are playing this game are the social benefits that you can get.
  • 8. The bingo players tend to be very superstitious. Some have lucky chairs, clothes and even underwear. Some even go 3 times around the chair before sitting down.
  • 9. A good proportion of bingo players tend to be also cat lovers at the same time. Maybe this is because there are many women into playing bingo.
  • Play or Not?

    The online bingo is able to offer plenty of opportunities to win some incredibly high prizes. The jackpots that are available at today’s bingo sites have never been so high in the whole history of bingo. At the same time you will also get rewarded with a welcome bonus the moment you sign up as a new player. This means that in case you are looking to have a good time, you should definitely try out any of the most popular online bingo sites out there.