6 Sexy Bingo Myths to Know

Bingo Myths

A lot of gambling related games has managed to gather around them a good number of myths and superstitions. The vast majority of these myths are not true and they are not based on any logical or scientific data, but on popular belief. Before playing bingo or reading articles about bingo, you should definitely make sure that you take into consideration the bingo myths so that you can make the difference between what is real and what is simply popular belief.

Myth #1 – Online Bingo is not safe

While we cannot guarantee that 100% of the online bingo sites are safe, the vast majority of them are. Especially if you are planning to sign up for the bingo bonus promotions. Note that bingo sites have been around since the ‘90s and that have proved to have an impeccable record so far in more than 10 years of offering bingo games.

Myth #2 – You are playing against bots

This myth says that when you are playing online bingo, you are not playing against real players, but against some bots that were created by the online bingo site and that are there to steal the prizes and jackpots. This myth is not true. Online bingo is an online gambling industry that is too large to have such a major scam behind and in case this would happen, the players will eventually find out about that bingo site and stop playing there and move on to the online bingo sites where the games are fair and the chances of winning are similar to the laws of statistics.

Myth #3 – Online bingo is very expensive

This is definitely not true since while playing online bingo you could limit yourself to some really small sums of money. Thanks to the fact that the costs of running an online bingo site are a lot lower compared to a land based bingo hall, the online bingo sites will have the opportunity to offer bingo cards that are worth even $0.01. Under these circumstances you could be playing 100 games of bingo with just $1. This means that online bingo is definitely not expensive in case you want to make it inexpensive.

Myth #4 – Online bingo has little to no social benefits

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This myth is definitely not true since there are some huge communities built up around the online bingo sites. The online bingo sites are making sure that they don’t take away the social benefits of playing bingo. And this way there are tons of ways you can interact with the other members that are gathering from around the world.

Myth #5 – Playing often will not bring you any rewards

In case you will play online bingo very often, not only that your chances of winning are going to be significantly improved, but at the same time you will get the chance to participate and win rewards thanks to the loyalty programs, where the more you play, the higher the rewards will be.

Myth #6 – There is a mathematical system that will help you win

This is another myth that is busted. Thanks to the fact that the bingo numbers are being called on a completely random order, you will never be able to use a mathematical system in order to win while playing this game. This myth is mainly perpetuated by bloggers that have little knowledge about online bingo. While playing online bingo, you are not given the chance to choose your bingo cards since they are given out to you automatically and the numbers that you can find on them are completely random. At the same time this information mixed with the bingo facts that the numbers are called with the help of a Random Number Generator algorithm, is going to leave you with very little things that you can do in order to improve your odds of winning, except for playing and having fun.