Popular Bingo Types

Online Bingo Games

There are a lot of different bingo sites on the Internet and each one will be different from the other. This is one of the things that help to make online bingo so exciting. One of the things that make finding the right place to play so much fun is the fact that there are different types of bingo games. When you want to find the best place for you the one thing you need to make sure you take a look at on the different sites is the games they offer for you to enjoy.

Straight Line Pattern Games

Some of the most popular online bingo games are the straight line pattern games. One of the main reasons these games are so popular is due to the fact that they are commonly played in the land based bingo halls. This means players are already familiar with them. Many players like to enjoy games they are used to playing and these pattern games definitely invite them to enjoy familiar games. The straight pattern games allow players to win by creating straight lines on their cards which go up and down, left to right, and even diagonally.

Shape Pattern Games

Popular Bingo Types

Many players also like to play the shape pattern games. These are games that require a player to create a particular shape on their card to win. The shape will be announced before the game begins and there are a lot of different shapes. Some of them include arrows, airplanes, squares, triangles, crosses, and many more. These games are enjoyed by online bingo players who like change and like always looking forward to something different.

Letter Pattern Games

Letter pattern games are a lot of fun as well. In these games the players are required to make certain letters on their bingo cards to win. These can include just about any letter of the alphabet. While these games aren’t quite as popular as the pattern games listed above, they still aren’t that difficult to find at the online bingo sites and can be very exciting for players.


Blackouts are often referred t as coveralls and in these games you will need to fill the entire bingo card. These games are popular with many because they take a lot longer to complete and this means players can really get into them. These games are often used in the online bingo tournaments due to the fact that they take so long to get through.